A Work in Progress

“It’s a work in progress…”

A phrase we’re all familiar with, and one that works well right now for me (both professionally and personally, ha!). My website and all connected social media aspects are “in progress”, their first phases almost to completion. Everything is secured in place, it is simply a matter of getting the rest of the behind-the-scenes stuff in order first.

I am working on getting all these pieces in place to at least get the blog launched ASAP.

“What will things look like when all is said and done?”

Honestly, I have a vision for it all, but overall this website will begin primarily as a blog and work its way up into an independent store, eventually.

“Why even do this?”

Well, to put it quite frankly…shopping online for clothes sucks.

I know I am not the only one who becomes easily frustrated while shopping online for apparel, wondering so many things such as “how will this fit ME?”, “will this even work for my body type?”, “is that a RED-red or is it really an orange-red?”. We can sift through review after review searching for the mysteries of fashion life and still be left empty-handed and exhausted from shopping when we did not even physically walk into a store or try anything on. IT’S CRAZY! Why do we put ourselves through that?! Because shopping online is SUPPOSED to be convenient!

But shopping for apparel online is NOT.

Well, I’m here to fix that problem!

Keep up-to-date by following The Fashion Inquisition, and soon the stress of shopping for clothes online will melt away.

It’s okay. We have your back. 🙂

Wait! …who is “we”???

Check out the “About Us” and I’ll fill ya in. 😉