What is Your Body Shape?

The loaded question that is the key to turning yourself into a fashion goddess: What’s your body shape?

There are many different words out there to describe various body shapes in the fashion world.

For whatever reason, several of these body types are named for foods. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to think of myself as a giant representation of a piece of fruit (I am a “pear” by such descriptions).

I’ve heard apple, pear, carrot, celery, ice cream cone, peanut, banana, strawberry…. At least most of them are healthy foods. I guess I’ll give their creators some credit for their choices.

Here however, I want to get past this weird analogy of our bodies being food shaped.

Aside from food descriptions, there are people who describe body types or shapes by using actual geometric shapes such as rectangle, triangle, inverted triangle… These are helpful, but they tend to be too broad. For example, the ‘pear’ is more broadly categorized as a triangle body shape. Well…yeah. I can kind of see where they’re going with that, but a triangle is most narrow at the top right? A pear-shaped body is not narrowest on top.    …Ugh. There we go with the fruit again. Let’s lose the fruit basket analogy, shall we?

The Fashion Inquisition site will thus utilize a slightly different categorization of our body types…without the fruit. Maybe some geometric influence. Mostly, I am hoping these “new” ways to categorize our body types are more meaningful to you and something that is more reflective of ourselves as people… A body shape identity you’ll want to embrace, no matter your shape!

  • The BUTTERFLY: Widest on top and narrowest in the middle? Some may call you a cross between an hourglass and an inverted triangle, perhaps an inverted pear. Your shape exists, I promise. Fly high as You are a Butterfly!
  • The COLUMN: No real definite shape, measuring about the same from top to bottom? You are not a ruler, a stalk of celery, a stringbean, or even a banana (though I did consider “slap bracelet” as a term, briefly). Stand tall and strong, sister! You’re a Column!
  • The DIAMOND: Widest at the middle? Forget being called an oval, or ’round’ anymore. And you’re worth way more than an apple. Shine like you mean it! You’re a Diamond!
  • The HEART: Widest at top and narrowest at your hips? Nobody wants to be called a carrot, or an upside-down triangle. You are what is inside you. Love your body type because You’re a Heart!
  • The HOURGLASS: About the same on top and bottom with a narrower middle? Okay, okay. You got me. The hourglass is a timeless description (see what I did there?) for this body type. The only oddball word for this shape, and ugh..yes.. it’s food related…”peanut”. No nut allergies here! Remain timeless as You’re the Hourglass!
  • The PYRAMID: Narrowest on top and widest at your hips? No more boring triangle for you. Trade geometry for geography. Be a bit more mysterious, strong, and exotic! You’re the Pyramid!
  • The ROSEBUD: Narrowest in the middle and widest at the hips? No more pears for you! Unless you like pears, of course. Rosebuds are beautiful even when they’ve yet to fully bloom. Be your own classic, romantic, elegant…sharp… beautiful flower. 😉 You’re a Rosebud!

Don’t these sound so much nicer? Don’t worry though. If you’re still attached to the other terms out there, you will still be able to find the appropriate posts. For example, a post that includes information or product recommendations for a Column body shape will be tagged with the other known terms for that body shape (such as Banana, Ruler, Rectangle, etc) so the post will still show up if you search for one of those other terms.

But Wait? How do you know which of the above body shapes you should be embracing? Sometimes, you can easily determine it by simply looking at yourself in a full-length mirror and eyeing where your silhouette is widest and narrowest. However, if you’re borderline between two possibilities, then measuring is in order. Measure your hips, your waist (narrowest part of your torso; NOT where your pants sit above your hips), and your “top”. Some fashion experts say measure the bust, others say measure shoulders. Personally, I measure by bust. If I measured by shoulders, I’d be a perfect hourglass. My experiences with various dress silhouettes argue the contrary. So, use your own best judgement. If you are still at a complete loss, send us an email and we’ll happily help you decide. 🙂

Enjoy your renewed (or timeless) shape!


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