The Inquisitor’s *Pick of the Week*

Thursday, November 16, 2017

We’re fast approaching the holiday season!    (…holy cow. Only one week left until Thanksgiving!!!)

With the holiday season comes the holiday parties! It’s exciting, yet a bit nerve wracking at the same time. One of those reasons is, of course, the BIG question: “WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR?!”

The Inquisitor’s Pick of the Week kicks off with a personal style favorite: the fit-and-flare dress.

I LOVE fit-and-flare dresses because they tend to be much more forgiving than other silhouettes and work for practically all body types.

My pick this week is the Sleeveless Ponte Fit-and-Flare Dress by Lark & Ro! (clicking below will open a new tab 😉 so you won’t lose this page)

Click here to see/buy the Lark & Ro Sleeveless Ponte Fit-and-Flare Dress

While Lark & Ro provides a great little video on the Amazon product page, showing this dress as it moves on their model, I am providing additional photos in my post (and please ignore my disgusting hair…it’s been a crazy week and my throat feels like I swallowed spikes.) I am including my own measurements and the size/style/etc I order so that you can better gauge how it may fit you. Obviously, I’m not rich and I don’t have hundreds of models at my disposal to show you every size and color option available for every product we show on this website. But, armed with the information in this post, you should have little (if any) question on how this dress can work for YOU!

Anyways…time for you to get the low-down on this awesome dress!

The Inquisitor’s Measurements (for comparison): Height 5’6″, Weight 140lbs, Back shoulder width 20″, Front shoulder width 17″, Upper arm width 11.5″, Wrist 6″ (tiny!), Shoulder to Elbow length 12″, Elbow to Wrist length 10″, Bust 36″, Waist 29″, Hips 41″, Thighs 23″, Inseam (crotch to ankle) 28″, Waist to top of Knee 20″, Bottom of knee to ankle 12″, Outseam (pant waist to just past ankle) 38″, Calves 13.5″Ankle width 8″ (also tiny!)

Dress Measurements (size Medium): Front-collar to bottom Length 34.5″, Back-collar to bottom Length 35.75″, Zipper (invisible style) 19″, Side length (armpit to bottom) 28″, Strap/Shoulder width 3.25″, Shoulder width across back 14″, Shoulder width across front 13.5″, Widest part of chest (bottom of sleeve opening to opening) 35″ (stretchy material allows for up to approx.45″, Narrowest part of waist 29.5″ (stretch allows for up to approx. 39″), Skirt opening approx. 34″ wide (or about 68″ around) , narrowest part of back (at shoulder blades) 12.5″, Back at bottom of sleeve opening 16.5″

Other Dress Details:  Material-67% Rayon, 29% Nylon, 4% Spandex; Made in Philippines, Machine washable, Lay flat to dry. Transparency: 0%! Price: currently 59.50USD. Available colors: Blue and Black. (noteavailable sizes and colors vary, and sometimes the prices vary with the color/size chosen – As of writing this post, blue and black were both available in large and xl)

Body Shapes: GREAT dress for practically all body shapes. It will give the strong Column Body some curves. For the Butterflies, Pyramids, Hearts, and Rosebuds, it provides some balance. For you sparkling Diamonds, the fit-and-flare can be tricky, but still completely doable. If you opt for one and feel the look isn’t balanced for you, add a cardigan or bolero (depending on your preferences and the occasion), and the appropriate jewelry to help bring the focus naturally to your shoulders. The skirt alone will balance the bottom half of a Diamond shape, but you may need to help add focus to the shoulders because of the neck cut on this one. The same advice to any Pyramids and Rosebuds looking to bring more balance to the top half.

The important thing for ANYONE to note when buying a Fit-and-Flare style dress is that TOP SIZE/MEASUREMENTS are what MATTER! Most fit-and-flare dresses flare out from about the natural waist (narrowest part of your torso). When choosing your size, pick the one that will fit your bust and natural waist. Lark & Ro didn’t provide their own exact size measurements on their product page, so consider the measurements of the Medium I reviewed when choosing. Keep in mind that the material has some stretch, too. The hems are the least forgiving on stretch, but the openings are all generously cut.

Inquisitor’s OpinionsThis dress is just plain awesome. I actually bought this dress in blue to wear to a business holiday party last December. It was nice to not be wearing black or red or green like most people. The fabric is comfortable, heavy/thick enough so as not to be see-through, but not so heavy that it doesn’t breathe and make you all sweaty. The color is a TRUE BLUE. The other awesome thing about this dress is THE STRETCH! It allows for movement and definitely rates FIVE STARS in my closet because it means it’ll still fit even after all those huge holiday meals! Also, it can be dressed up or down because it such a basic piece. Add heels and sparkly jewelry, maybe a skinny belt, for a dressier look. Go for flats and a casual cardigan to dress it down. As you get to know me more, you’ll realize how much I prize the most versatile pieces in my closet. The more ways I can use something, the more useful it is, the more value it has. Check out the additional pictures below: a couple from the holiday party, and my playing around with ideas for Dapper Day at Disney World this Saturday. 😉 Also, here’s the link again for this fantastic dress where you can buy it on Amazon:


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