Giselle CatEye Sunglasses

Looking for a throwback, or maybe just a fun look? These cat eye sunglasses are perfect!

Find them here:

While cat eye sunglasses look great on all face shapes, note that these sunglasses from Giselle are for a smaller/narrower face. See the actual measurements below of the sunglasses (and my own head) to best determine if these will fit. These fit me comfortably even despite my narrow bony nose and them being hard-frames (I AM rather picky about how sunglasses fit me…just ask my husband how long it took me to pick out a pair of Oakleys…and how many visits before I actually picked a pair, lol)

Giselle Cat eye sunglasses measurements: Arm to arm at eyepiece – 5.5″, Arm to arm at curve/ear – 5″, Arm to arm at very back (narrowest point)- 4.25″, Tallest point of eyepiece – 1.5″

The Fashion inquisitor’s face/head measurements: Temple to temple – 5.25″, eye to back of ear – 4.25″

Available colors: Solid Black, Black with white polka-dots on arms, Red with black polka-dots on arms, White with black polka dots on arms, and Tortoise! As of 11/26/2017 price ranged from 8.95 – 9.95 USD. Note: this red is a red-red. It isn’t orange-y, nor wine red.

While I actually bought these for myself as an accessory for my Stitch inspired Dapper Day at Disney, they are definitely going to be added to my regular rotation of fun accessories. 🙂 – Elisha, your Fashion Inquisitor!

You know you want a pair of these 😉 Catch them here:


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