Open Front Lightweight Cardigan

Open Front Lightweight Cardigan by Kay Sinn

First, I’ll give you the rundown on this item’s specifics:

Material: 95% Rayon, 5% Spandex. Made in China. Machine Washable!

Available in 24 colors!: light purple, rose red, royal blue, black, bright coral, coral, deep gray, dusty pink, light blue, light gray, mocha, mustard yellow, navy blue, raspberry, olive green, teal blue, apple green, brown, date red, RED, light yellow, lime green, white, and beige. Whew!

Sizes ranging from small to XXXXXL (yes. That’s *5* XL)

Price varies by size/color – 8.99-14.99 USD

This cardigan can be found here:

Measurements of the actual item I recieved, Size Medium in Red: FRONT Length (shoulder to longest point) – 29.5″, BACK collar to bottom – 22.25″, Wrist opening – 10″ (stretch up to 16″), Shoulder/arm opening – 19″, Side length – 21.5″, side at armpit to front opening (width of front panel of fabric) – 15″. Sleeve (hem to wrist) – 22″, Neck to sleeve width – 11″

Inquisitor’s Measurements: Height 5’6″, Weight 140lbs, Back shoulder width 20″, Front shoulder width 17″, Upper arm width 11.5″, Wrist 6″ (tiny!), Shoulder to Elbow length 12″, Elbow to Wrist length 10″, Bust 36″, Waist 29″, Hips 41″

Inquisitor’s thoughts: I should have tried ordering a small. This is why reviews and ratings on products matter. Even AFTER going through reviews, I still ended up with something that did not fit right. The product photo provided online did not seem to accurately represent this cardigan (particularly when looking at the sleeves). While the look may work for some, I prefer my cardigans slightly more fitted in the arms (as the product photo suggested). As you can see from the pictures above, the sleeves are generously sized and were long on me (actual sleeve measured 22″ and that’s my shoulder to wrist measurement; but the width from neck to sleeve was so wide it made the sleeves longer on me). I was disappointed in the occasional stray thread, but as the saying goes “you get what you pay for” (which was $14.99). The fabric is VERY thin, which is great for warmer weather and worked fine for my mid-70s weather the day I wore it. However, because it was so baggy on me, I improvised the use of it. 😉 There’s usually a way to work around any issue. Pulled it up into 3/4 or half sleeve and tied the front. Ta-da!

Who can wear this: obviously, anyone. This style cardigan is more versatile than other, thicker varieties. However, if your plan is to wear this simply pulled on, draped (as shown in the original product photo), I would recommend this more for Diamond, Hearts, and Pyramids as those body shapes won’t necessarily be lost in this style. I would definitely stray from this particular cardigan if you are a Column as it adds to the straight/narrow shape you already possess. While this style can “hide” some unwanted curves, sizing too big can lose any definition you do have in your shape (I’m looking at you Hourglasses, Butterflies, and Rosebuds. You’ll lose your defined waist in this cardigan, unless you want to throw on a belt, or tie it up as I did.)

This cardigan can be found here:


Showing this random outfit thrown together for Dapper Day at Disney (inspired by Stitch and the fun scene in the laundry room with Noni, heehe – I also wore red cat eye sunglasses like he did in another scene with Lilo.) I used this red cardigan, the Blue Lark&Ro fit-and-flare dress, and the Galaxy Leggings. 🙂



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