Blue Star Galaxy Leggings

Blue Star leggings from Chic Moon

Find the leggings here: (note: other print leggings available on same product page – 4 are galaxy style, 2 are skeletal)

Available in one-size

Materials: 88% polyester, 12% elastane. Made in China. Hand wash only 😦 Print/color is beautifully rich. Price as of 11/26/2017 – 8.96USD (other prints up to 8.99)

Measurements: outseam – 37.75″, inseam – 28.5″, FRONT waist to crotch length – 10.25″, BACK waist to crotch length – 13″, ankle opening – 9″ (can stretch to maybe 12″), thigh – 17″ (can stretch to about 23″; measured at 1″ below crotch), hip – 30″ (can stretch to about 42″), waist 24″ (can stretch to maybe 40″ at most), elastic waist band is 0.75″ wide.

Your inquisitor’s measurements: Height 5’6″, Weight 140lbs, Waist 29″, Hips 41″, Thighs 23″, Inseam (crotch to ankle) 28″, Waist to top of Knee 20″, Bottom of knee to ankle 12″, Outseam (pant waist to just past ankle) 38″, Calves 13.5″Ankle width 8″

Inquisitor’s thoughts: I won’t lie. These were beautiful looking, but holy carp…they were a lil tight around my thighs and calves, making it slightly difficult to get them on. So, if your measurements in the thighs and calves are smaller than mine, jump on these leggings! I LOVE these, and they weren’t uncomfortable despite the lack of extra room in my thighs and calves (notice the product as I measured stretch max versus my own body measurements…there wasn’t much wiggle room there, haha). These were mildly see-through when placed over the Fashion Inquisition logo (single layer, not stretched). I could see the logo lettering through the white somewhat. Obviously, color and how much the fabric is stretched will play into its opaque-ness. The fabric itself is sleek, somewhat shiny. It is thin enough to probably be fairly cold in winter, though thick enough that my legs felt rather warm in the warm 80 degree Orlando sun.

What body shape does this work for: can work for any body shape. It simply depends on if your own measurements will work with the product measurements.

How to wear these: Leggings are great for wearing with an extra long shirt, tunic, or dress, or even under shorts if that’s your style. 🙂 Since these are PRINT leggings rather than solid color, take into account the other piece(s) you’ll be wearing with it. You can mix prints, but be conscious of your outfit looking too busy or becoming unbalanced. Let’s take a Pyramid shape body for example. The Pyramid wants to bring balance by drawing attention up to the shoulders. Prints “hide” some things, but they also draw attention. Print leggings can bring the focus down, but if the Pyramid wears a v-neck or scoop neck top, perhaps also with statement necklace or scarf, or a cardigan (sky is the limit, ladies!), the focus is drawn back to your shoulders and balance is restore.

Obviously, leggings are versatile. You can wear them multiple ways. I prefer mine under a dress or skirt. 🙂 How do you wear yours? – Elisha

Find the leggings here: (note: other print leggings available on same product page – 4 are galaxy style, 2 are skeletal)

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