AalarDom Women’s Cowl Neck Knit Stretchable Elasticity Long Sleeve Sweater

WHEW! What a long product name on this one! It’s like they put every keyword they could think of into the name.

Anyway, so THIS….

I WANTED to love it. I took a chance on an Amazon product that had NO REVIEWS yet. It’s happened before and usually the item is pretty great. However, this one left me wanting to go back to buying those only with reviews, or shopping elsewhere (look for a lot more CharlotteRusse and Target clothing reviews to happen in the future.)

This sweater? I actually ordered it last month in anticipation of making good use of it while I travelled north to the winter wastelands (kidding! I love my northern friends! I don’t love the weather though.) However, I was sorely disappointed when it arrived. In the bag, LOVED the white/almost ivory color to it. Pulled it out of the bag and had a moment of “Whaaaaaaaa?”

It was MUCH shorter than the picture they provided of the item on the model. Also, even the pic on the model, I wouldn’t classify this as a “cowl neck” sweater. More like a loose turtleneck.

Honestly, I am not even bothering with measurements on this one. It’s actually already boxed up to be shipped to my ten year old niece. I did try it on and snapped a few pics just to give you guys an idea of what I mean by “short” and “not a cowl neck”…maybe Ninja Neck! Can that be a thing? Let’s start a new trend! Winter Ninja Neck Sweaters! ❤

If the creators of this happen to be reading this… Please accept this as constructive criticism… Notify your clothing manufacturer/supplier that the picture provided is a standard length sweater…not a crop top. I’m not completely out. Here in a bit, I’ll browse more of what you have to offer on Amazon and maybe give your business another shot. I’m all for second-chances. 🙂

If you’re a shopper, and you dig the short torso on this (or maybe you happen to have a much shorter torso than mine – I AM pretty average…), I’d recommend this for pretty much any body type except the Diamonds. Sorry, my precious rock stars! No matter how many different ways I can picture to wear this, I just cannot see how it can balance things out. 😥 If it were longer torso, then it might work alright pairing with some dazzling earrings and standout shoes. If you’re a diamond and you attempt this, don’t wear with a skirt.

If you’re a Column, play with this however you want. A skirt, however, will help break up your length if you’re on the tall side. Butterflies can pair this with a fun, non-dark colored skirt, or pants paired with fun shoes to bring the eyes down. Same could be said to the Hourglass, but with a defined waist, you might layer (as shown) to show off that asset. Pyramids and Rosebuds, while this top isn’t the v-neck or boat-neck usually recommended for you, the bright color and focus of the thick neck (maybe add a sparkly necklace under it?) can play to your advantage. You can wear with darker color bottoms (skirt or pants, and simple shoes) to help those wider hips appear smaller (and thus more in line with top).

Whether you go for this particular product or a similar one, it can be worn casually, or dressed up. You can stay casual with a pair of jeans or a comfy maxi skirt. Maybe leggings with another layer top (similar to pictured) with some boots as another option.Or you can dress it up with dress pants, a high-waisted skirt, some jewelry and fancier shoes (maybe you want to go high with the pumps, or maybe keep it low with some nice flats).

If you get really imaginative, you could turn this into a piece for a formal outfit… I’m picturing a floor-length high-waisted skirt made of several layers of tulle or organza, some dazzling pumps, gorgeous eye-catching earrings (maybe a hair piece, too!) ….hmm…

Anyways. Here’s the pics….


And Here’s the link if perhaps you might be looking for a sweater gift for a preteen or teenage girl. AalarDom Women’s Cowl Neck Knit Stretchable Elasticity Long Sleeve Sweater 

I’m sure my niece shall enjoy her new sweater in the lovely wintery coldness that is Indiana right now (somebody tell Mother Nature to turn the heat back on!)

-Your Fashion Inquisitor – Elisha

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